AGM and New Board

At the AGM on April 30, 2018 the assembled membership elected a new Board for the coordination of the 2019 European Festival as well as all related events, such as the Christmas Market in November.

The new Board is as follows:

  • President: Ms. Buket Donnelly
  • Vice President: Ms. Maria Filipowski
  • Treasurer: Ms. Maria Filipowski
  • Secretary: Ms. Barb Bear
  • Past-President: Mr. António Capela
  • Members at Large: Mr. Don Mackenzie

We would like to thank Ms. Kecia Boecking and Ms. Elke Porter for their dedication and hard work over the last few months. The work of putting on a Festival such as ours is not an easy task and would not be possible without the dedication and hard work of the Board and all the Volunteers. We would also like thank all those that volunteered their time over the last 20 years, this Festival is yours too, especially long-time volunteers like Peter Schalle and Rolf Brulhart.
The Society is looking to fill manager positions for the 2020 festival as soon as possible; if you would like to take on a manager position and be a part of the 22nd Festival please contact us via email at

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