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About the Society

EUROFEST BC SOCIETY is a not-for-profit organization that manages the European Festival, Europe Day and related events. Its mission is to preserve and promote European culture and customs within the great multicultural diversity that exists in the Lower Mainland. As an inclusive society, EuroFest BC Society celebrates the ties that bind Europe to our rich local culture and provides an opportunity for wide public participation.



The first European Festival brought visitors together from all corners in 1998. At that time Vancouver had lost its European ‘mark’ as it saw the rise of a truly international community. At the first festival, 10 European countries brought life, music and flavours from the Old Continent to Granville Island. The opportunity for all to connect to some “European flare” was an immediate success!
People interested in European culture finally had a meeting place that allowed them to celebrate and explore the fascinations of the continent from across the pond.
A year later, the participating countries had doubled! 20 nations were represented at the festival in 1999 and continued to steadily grow in years after. Visitors flooded the event grounds in the thousands – dancing and eating even in spite of rain!
Since its humble beginnings European Festival has reached 10,000 visitors and hosts over 30 different nations every year at the end of May.

Who we are

EuroFest BC Society relies entirely upon the support of its volunteer Board Members and vast volunteer base. As a highly organized group, the society is led by an elected president who coordinates and collaborates with six or more board members. Each board member has a specific function and meets monthly to ensure the timely planning of yearly events.


Mission Statement

  • Promote respect for cultural diversity in the Lower Mainland
  • Increase awareness of and exposure to European culture and heritage in the Lower Mainland
  • Provide an effective venue for European-Canadians to preserve and showcase their unique customs, traditions, cuisine and heritage
  • Provide an opportunity for personal and creative skills development
  • Provide an opportunity for public participation and volunteering
  • Provide a unique leisure, entertainment and celebration opportunity for the whole family
  • Strengthen social cohesion by linking different generations and cultures
  • Enable corporations to interact with a wider audience through sponsorship
  • Increase international support and involvement in B.C.

Projects of the Society include the European Festival and Europe Day during the month of May by celebration the European Heritage Month in B.C.


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